1. リンダ・ボンドさんの最高会議での最初の写真がわたしたちのウェブサイトとフェースブックでみることができます。  2011 201121 21:51:58 webから

2. ボンド司令官のニュースでははじめての指示をふくむ短いウェブ放送がありますのでこちらをごらんください。  201121 4:55:47 webから

3. 最高会議の正式発表でリンダボンド司令官をみれるのでもういちどごらんください。   201121 4:34:09 webから

4. 救世軍の新しい万国司令官のニュースです。  201121 2:22:13 webから

5. ご覧いただきどうもありがとうございます。本日のアナウンスは下記のリンクよりご覧になれます。 in about an hour.   201121 1:39:44 webから

6. リンダボンド万国司令官の指令「われわれは救世軍に山積されたなすべきことのために神の霊をうけなければいけない」
  201121 1:15:12 webから

7. 本選挙 リンダ ボンド「わたしは救い主イエスキリストの信頼によってたっています。イエスキリストとわたしたちの関係は救世軍を
  変革するものです。」   201121 1:13:40 webから

8. 19代の救世軍大将はリンダボンド最高責任者です。4/2から執務されます。ライブはこちらから(
  201121 1:10:22 webから

9. 本選挙の公式アナウンスは作成中です。( or ) 201121 1:08:47 webから

10. お待ちいただき感謝します。20分ほどで公表されますので本選挙のためにお祈り下さい。
  201121 0:43:36 webから

11. 本選挙の結果は15:30からです。ライブ放送はこちら(; )  201121 0:10:31 webから

12. 本選挙のニュースをツイッター、フェースブック、最高会議ウェブサイトのライブ放送に加えてメールでも配信いたします。

  201113123:59:32 webから

13. 最高会議のウェブサイトの通信状態がわるいのでウェブ放送のアドレスを公開します。 2011131 23:54:58 webから

14. 本選挙の公式アナウンスがまもなく始まり時間と場所をご案内いたします。 2011131 23:48:12 webから

15. 本選挙のようすを標準時14:30より開始できると予告しますのでツイッターとリンクより。 2011131 22:31:34 webから

16. elisamazzini @HighCouncil2011 estamos orando!!! Deus abençoe esses homens e mulheres de Deus!!! 2011131 21:34:47 Twitter for iPhoneから HighCouncil2011 HighCouncil2011がリツイート

17. henktenhoope Praying for wisdom for all @HighCouncil2011 members during voting procedure. 2011131 20:36:04 Twitter for iPhoneから HighCouncil2011と1人がリツイート

18. montyeuph @HighCouncil2011 Ps86:5You Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you. In prayer for God's blessings on TSArmy 2011131 20:22:29 Twitter for BlackBerry®から HighCouncil2011HighCouncil2011がリツイート

19. TheCouchman I encourage everyone to pray tonight for @HighCouncil2011 Voting begins. May God's will be done. #salvationarmy 2011131 18:24:37 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

20. marcpotters Today @highcouncil2011 chooses a new World leader for the Salvation Army. Praying! Will you join me? 2011131 18:15:32 Twitter for Macから HighCouncil2011と1人がリツイート

21. DrMarkWagner @HighCouncil2011 The International College had remembered the High Council in our corporate prayers again this morning. God's will be done! 2011131 18:12:35 TweetDeckから HighCouncil2011 HighCouncil2011がリツイート

22. charli30902 @highcouncil2011 Friends of Christ Australian Eastern Territory SFOT praying for you today. 2011131 17:59:15 Twitter for iPhoneから HighCouncil2011と1人がリツイート

23. @CaptJasonSmith We can't speculate, but as we posted last night it can take an hour or so for each ballot to be conducted. 2011131 17:45:29 webから CaptJasonSmith

24. CaptainCollo Praying now 4 @highcouncil2011 2011131 12:52:14 Twitter for iPhoneから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

25. Voting in the 2011 High Council commences today. As soon as we have any news to report, we will post it here and at 2011131 17:43:10 webから

26. PBCordier Aujourd'hui @HighCouncil2011 commence les votes pour élire le nonveau responsable mondiale (h/f) de l' #armeedusalut #prayweus 2011131 17:18:38 TweetDeckから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

27. @lchambers69 Voting is conducted in accordance with The Salvation Army Act. There is a summary in our Day 10 report at 2011131 8:22:37 webから

28. famschroeder We prayed for all the candidates @HighCouncil2011 during our meeting in the social Center. God's spirit will choose the right person. 2011131 7:43:10 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

29. Day 10 of High Council included many sacred moments from African dancing to fervent praying. Voting commences tomorrow: 2011131 7:36:18 webから

30. cward78 prayed for the @highcouncil2011 in Hempstead Citadel, NY today. 2011131 6:08:30 HipLogicから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

31. frisovandenberg @HighCouncil2011 also in Orlando Corps we think and were prayer for the High Counsil. 2011131 6:01:59 ÜberTwitterから HighCouncil2011 HighCouncil2011がリツイート

32. bweir1991 @highcouncil2011 we spent lots of time in prayer for the high council at airdrie corps, west Scotland today. 2011131 5:57:30 Twitter for iPhoneから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

33. brentw617 praying for @HighCouncil2011 today!!!! 2011131 5:53:50 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

34. DalePilgrim @HighCouncil2011 prayed for election at Kitchener Community Church, ON CA 2011131 5:07:08 txtから HighCouncil2011と1人がリツイート

35. LacrosseBoss Ontario Central DYC praying for @HighCouncil2011 in our rehearsal today. 2011131 5:28:08 Twitter for BlackBerry®から HighCouncil2011がリツイート

36. Stelly68 @HighCouncil2011 we prayed at Holloway Women's Prison today in morning worship! 20111314:45:39 Osfoora for iPhoneから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

37. cocobiskits @highcouncil2011 Prayed for Gods direction at Coventry Corps today 2011130 23:22:08 Twitter for Androidから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

38. JoanaB1955 @HighCouncil2011 Prayers were said for the High Council during the Bosque Corps Holiness Meeting in São Paulo, Brazil. God's will be done! 2011130 23:11:32 webから HighCouncil2011 HighCouncil2011がリツイート

39. CSMPayne @HighCouncil2011 For all the Candidates and high council , u wer prayed for by the Bromley Temple Corps (Uk) May God's will be done 2011130 21:47:52 Twitter for iPhoneから HighCouncil2011 HighCouncil2011と1人がリツイート

40. Reminder: we plan to provide a live webcast of the official announcement of the General-elect. We'll provide notice via Twitter, email & FB. 2011年1月30日 18:08:46 webから

41. The election for General continues to be conducted graciously, prayerfully & carefully. A summary of Day 9's proceedings 2011130 18:06:49 webから

42. @Daryn_mccombe Hi Daryn. Yes - it was another late report, but it's now online at Thanks for your interest. 2011130 18:04:50 webから Daryn_mccombe

43. Day 8 report: Ever-present spirituality deepens at 2011 High Council. Visit for details. 2011129 19:40:52 webから

44. joelbatenburg @HighCouncil2011 a salute to all the candidates 2011129 3:57:40 webから HighCouncil2011 HighCouncil2011がリツイート

45. PBCordier Retrouvez en direct du @HighCouncil2011 le CV des 9 candidats au poste de Chef Mondial de l' #arméedusalut 2011128 23:33:07 TweetDeckから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

46. Day 8 of the High Council continues. There are now profiles of each of the nine candidates for General on our website at 2011128 23:21:44 webから

47. SalArmyFla Good morning. Saying a prayer for @HighCouncil2011 may His spirit move and help you all change the world. 2011128 22:18:49 Echofonから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

48. @TheCouchman Yes we can... there are now profiles of each of the nine candidates for General on our website at 2011128 22:20:00 webから TheCouchman

49. DJ_Aaron311 Praying Songbook #630 over @highcouncil2011 asking that they seek 1st 4 fellowship w/God as they make a very important decision 4 TSA. 2011128 9:59:12 Twitter for iPhoneから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

50. DrMarkWagner @HighCouncil2011 Members of Session 208 of the International College for Officers are keeping the HC daily in our prayers. 2011128 8:21:29 TweetDeckから HighCouncil2011 HighCouncil2011がリツイート

51. petervanduinen @HighCouncil2011 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada Bible Study group supported the HC in prayer last night. God grant you real spiritual wisdom. 2011128 8:07:10 Twitter for BlackBerry®から HighCouncil2011 HighCouncil2011がリツイート

52. cward78 @highcouncil2011 Many are praying for you all over the world. Trust in the Lord always, may his will be done. God bless the Salvation Army! 2011128 7:04:11 Twitter for Androidから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

53. clmcgown @highcouncil2011 I w/Salvationists world-wide join you in faith & prayer - God's perfect will be done! 2011128 5:17:02 txtから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

54. High Council President Commissioner James Knaggs has asked Salvationists and friends to be at one with HC members in seeking God's will. 2011年1月28日 5:12:05 webから

55. A report of Day 7's @HighCouncil2011 activity has just been published at 2011128 5:10:13 webから

56. The High Council members are deeply grateful for prayerful support from all over the world through letters, email & social networking sites. 2011年1月28日 5:08:30 webから

57. No sessions were conducted today. The day was set aside for candidates to compile written answers to questions set by the 2011 High Council 2011年1月28日 5:04:18 webから

58. ulrick_thibaud4 My family and myself devote ourselves to pray for High Council so that he will can be done. 2011127 19:43:40 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

59. NashARC We continue to pray for the High Council and the decisions that lay ahead, Praying God's will be done. 2011128 0:14:15 webから HighCouncil20112人がリツイート

60. rreardondc Praying earnestly for the @HighCouncil2011 & the nominees for General. Acts 2:1-4 2011127 22:36:36 Twitter for BlackBerry®から HighCouncil2011と1人がリツイート

61. deanazee @HighCouncil2011 such a deeply committed and capable group of nominees, how much more will the HC lean into God and seek His will. Praying. 2011127 12:13:20 Twitter for BlackBerry®から HighCouncil2011がリツイート

62. cstreet814 praying for the @HighCouncil2011 and for the candidates for general! 2011127 21:18:29 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

63. PBCordier Today the #salvationarmy french-belgium headquater has pray for @HighCouncil2011 and the name of the futur leader 2011127 17:55:35 TweetDeckから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

64. PaulineMil High Council Prayers lifted up today by Banbury Prayer Beacon lunch club ladies. 2011127 6:50:20 Twitter for iPhoneから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

65. SAinRussia - High Council news 2011127 14:02:11 TweetDeckから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

66. New President, Vice President and Chaplain have been elected - Commissioner James Knaggs, Colonel Birgitte Brekke and Commissioner Vic Poke 2011127 8:37:27 webから

67. tgomame @HighCouncil2011 Dear Lord, bless these candidates. May your Spirit inspire them, and conduct the Salvation Army in YOUR way. Amem 2011127 8:25:39 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

68. In addition, Commissioner James Knaggs was nominated to stand but declined. More details at 2011127 8:25:00 webから

69. Linda Bond, Max Feener, William Francis, Dick Krommenhoek, Christine MacMillan, John Matear, William Roberts, Robert Street, Barry Swanson. 2011127 8:23:50 webから

70. The following Commissioners have been nominated to stand for election as The Salvation Army's 19th General... 2011127 8:19:06 webから

71. montyeuph @HighCouncil2011 be assured of our prayers for the nominees and hc members. While I plead each precious promise, hear.. and answer prayer. 2011127 7:46:21 Twitter for BlackBerry®から HighCouncil2011 HighCouncil2011がリツイート

72. News update at 2200GMT: There are nine candidates standing for election for The Salvation Armys nineteenth General. See 2011127 7:17:13 webから

73. SalArmy_WMNI @HighCouncil2011 prayers being lifted up from USC WMNI DHQ 2011126 22:54:08 HootSuiteから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

74. Morvynf @highcouncil2011 adastral park christian fellowship prayed 4 u. 2011126 22:14:14 txtから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

75. famschroeder We prayed for the members of the @HighCouncil2011 during the devotions at the SA Social Center in Cologne - may God bless you all! 2011126 3:41:36 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

76. After detailed discussion that stretched into the night, High Council approved the questions to be asked of candidates: 2011126 17:30:15 webから

77. edbosma @ComHansVanVliet At the HQ in The Netherlands we prayed for you and for all the members of @HighCouncil2011 2011125 15:10:36 Twitter for iPadから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

78. A report from Day 4 of the 2011 High Council focusing on Procedures, Questions and Devotions is now available: see 2011125 7:02:47 webから

79. deanazee Gen. Bram Tillsley lead us in prayer for the High Council proceedings. Continue to pray for our leaders as they choose the next General. 2011125 4:58:29 Twitter for BlackBerry®から HighCouncil2011がリツイート

80. We've added photos to our report from Saturday night's Welcome, available at or 2011125 1:59:54 webから

81. SiouxlandSA Join us in prayer for he 17th High Council of The Salvation Army meeting in the UK to select our next general. 2011124 23:34:52 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

82. beccawebb1986 is praying for those @HighCouncil2011 for wisdom and guidance as they make important decisions 2011125 0:09:08 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

83. Daryn_mccombe Thinks its great that more than 50% of the @HighCouncil2011 is made up of women 2011124 21:41:24 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

84. PBCordier Revivez l'ouverture du Haut-Conseil de l' #armeedusalut en vue d'élire son chef mondial H/F cc @HighCouncil2011 2011124 21:16:26 TweetDeckから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

85. The official report from Day 3 of the High Council - Welcome to the World and Worship - is now available on our website: 2011124 18:36:19 webから

86. momfivetimes So blessed by the webcast of the High Council. Singing along with every I've missed this. 2011124 2:09:19 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

87. GlennSmith @HighCouncil2011 please be assured of the prayers from other churches too. We prayed for every attendee by name last night. 2011124 3:32:56 Twitter for iPhoneから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

88. Stelly68 And so people will be praying around the Army world this Sunday 4 @HighCouncil2011.We added our voices at Hoxton Corps (UKT) 2day! #hc2011 2011124 2:37:19 Twitter for iPhoneから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

89. Sunday worship @HighCouncil2011. Commissioner William Francis introduces this morning's proceedings from Sunbury Court: 2011124 4:31:46 webから

90. Major_T Remembering members of the High Council in my thoughts and prayers this week. 2011124 1:24:52 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

91. Leon_Matthieu Dear High Council members, kindly be assured of the prayerful support of Salvationists around the world. 2011124 0:25:13 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

92. ianemery this morning in our meeting we prayed for each member of @HighCouncil2011 by name. And we will pray every day. May God bless #hc2011 and TSA 2011124 0:01:11 webから HighCouncil2011 HighCouncil2011がリツイート

93. MissionLatte @highcouncil2011 pls be assured that members of the HC will be prayed for by name this week. Failsworth Corps, Manchester, UK. 2011123 23:55:42 TweetDeckから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

94. CaptainCollo Currently watching the 3 hour meeting @highcouncil2011 online 2011123 13:08:14 Twitter for iPhoneから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

95. tjrlegerdesheil @HighCouncil2011 Blessed and inspired! TYC The Netherland! 2011123 4:28:32 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

96. rreardondc @HighCouncil2011 Wonderful meeting today. The Holy Spirit's presence was felt around the world! God bless the General of The Salvation Army! 2011123 4:49:36 Twitter for BlackBerry®から HighCouncil2011がリツイート

97. @BROB4 It will be available to watch again online at very shortly. 2011123 4:14:08 webから BROB4

98. malcia01 Thanks for this broadcast it was great - very moving to see all the high council members joining the General on the platform! 2011123 3:51:27 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

99. Mum2theboys @HighCouncil2011 very powerful meeting. We also experienced the presence of God as we viewed. We were mightily blessed. #highcouncil2011 2011123 4:08:21 Echofonから HighCouncil2011 HighCouncil2011がリツイート

100. marcpotters @highcouncil2011 Thanks for letting us join the meeting. I was blessed, moved and strengthened! 2011123 4:03:19 Twitter for Macから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

101. As the members of the 2011 High Council return to Sunbury Court, you can keep up to date with the news as it happens at 2011123 3:53:24 webから

102. eddie_designer It was blessed one @HighCouncil2011 !! 2011123 3:47:25 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

103. Over 1500 have been watching our webcast this evening - provided by Twofour - :) 2011123 3:47:50 webから

104. Thank you for following our live Twitter feed. You can watch the three-hour programme again at 2011123 3:46:23 webから

105. The Chief of Staff closes the evening with a benediction from Psalm 72. 2011123 3:44:32 webから

106. Chief: 'I believe there are Salvationists around the world who are singing that with us' 2011123 3:43:28 webから

107. The Chief of the Staff draws the special evening to a close with a chorus of 'The World for God!' 2011123 3:42:25 webから

108. A reminder that if you've not been able to watch live, the full programme will be available online after the evening's service has concluded 2011123 3:37:26 webから

109. A pause in the song for a time of open prayer - in any language. 2011123 3:34:41 webから

110. The congregation sing 'How can I better serve thee Lord, thou who hast done so much for me?'. Live webcast continues: 2011123 3:30:05 webから

111. The General reflects on Luke 12:22-34 (see 'God has it covered.' 2011123 3:27:42 webから

112. The General is now standing at the podium to preach. Live webcast: 2011123 3:07:27 webから

113. The International Staff Band bring a musical meditation - 'For Our Transgressions' (Morley Calvert). Webcast continues: 2011123 3:00:24 webから

114. 'In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!' 2011123 2:59:15 webから

115. The congregation prays: 'May his love unite you, his grace surround you and his power sustain you in your holy task...' 2011123 2:58:54 webから

116. General: 'In all this, may the wisdom of God, the peace of God and the blessing of God be upon you each.' 2011123 2:57:43 webから

117. '...the Spirit of Truth will guide your corporate discussions and your personal reflections as you wait on him?' 2011年1月23日 2:56:58 webから

118. 'Will you dedicate yourselves to seek only the mind of the Lord in all the deliberations of the High Council, praying only that...' 2011年1月23日 2:56:31 webから

119. General: 'I charge you to enter into this sacred task with pure hearts and open minds, looking only for the guidance of the Holy Spirit' 2011年1月23日 2:55:18 webから

120. Now, the General's Charge to the Members of the 2011 High Council. Watch live at: 2011123 2:54:26 webから

121. 'For under God, our calling is sure for future days and on our lips will ever be his praise.' 2011年1月23日 2:51:01 webから

122. 'With truth and grace we will face all adversity, and every hour by his power we'll be pure and free...' 2011年1月23日 2:50:33 webから

123. The song has been compiled by Stephen Pearson, based on the writings of General Shaw Clifton. Music by Richard Phillips 2011123 2:45:04 webから

124. Soloist Gary Rose, the Songsters of Bromley Temple and Enfield Citadel, accompanied by the International Staff Band: 'All Under God'... 2011年1月23日 2:44:04 webから

125. Commissioner Helen Clifton: 'God has blessed us beyond measure.' 2011年1月23日 2:39:01 webから

126. General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen Clifton receive a standing ovation as they take to the stage to respond. 2011123 2:38:14 webから

127. Commissioner Sue Swanson leads the thanks for Commissioner Helen Clifton's leadership and direction. Live webcast: 2011123 2:28:36 webから

128. The Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Barry Swanson, now offers a spoken salute to General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen Clifton. 2011年1月23日 2:19:04 webから

129. A reminder that if you've not been able to watch live, the full programme will be available to watch online after this evening's service. 2011年1月23日 2:17:46 webから

130. On screen: 'Five happy years', an audiovisual retrospective of General Shaw Clifton's ministry + international visits: 2011123 2:14:03 webから

131. The Retirement Salute segment of the service begins with 'All There is of Me', sung by Bandmaster Bill Rollins. Live: 2011123 2:03:32 webから

132. Colonel Brian Peddle: 'We humbly pray today: thy will be done'. Live webcast: 2011123 1:59:36 webから

133. Colonels Brian and Rosalie Peddle are praying for the 2011 High Council, conscious that The Salvation Army's work is 'so desperately needed' 2011年1月23日 1:58:28 webから

134. Commissioner William Francis, President of the 2011 High Council, introduces the song 'Unto thee O Saviour King our allegiance now we bring' 2011年1月23日 1:52:33 webから

135. The members of the 2011 High Council rise for a Choric Bible Reading - 'As One'. Live webcast: 2011123 1:45:21 webから

136. 'Jesus, tender lover of my soul': the congregation is led in song by the International Staff Band. Live webcast: 2011123 1:41:14 webから

137. If you're experiencing problems with the webcast, please refresh your browser and/or clear your temporary internet files. 2011年1月23日 1:32:24 webから

138. The United Songster Brigades of Bromley Temple and Enfield Citadel (UK) perform 'The Christ of Calvary'. Live webcast: 2011123 1:30:02 webから

139. The Band, Songsters + congregation join together for a rousing chorus: 'All over the world the Spirit is moving' Live: 2011123 1:28:26 webから

140. The prayers reference The Salvation Army's global call to 24/7 Prayer. Find out more/get involved at 2011123 1:26:39 webから

141. Prayers are now being led by an international group of young Salvationists. Live webcast: 2011123 1:22:59 webから

142. The General commends the 'wonderful singing'... Live webcast: 2011123 1:22:30 webから

143. The first congregational song begins: 'We're an Army fighting for a glorious King' - sing along at 2011123 1:19:40 webから

144. The congregation stands to applaud the members of the 2011 High Council, now all on stage. Live webcast: 2011123 1:18:13 webから

145. People from every continent are currently watching our live webcast of the Welcome to the 2011 High Council. Join them: 2011123 1:14:16 webから

146. The stage is filling with leaders from the 122 countries in which The Salvation Army is represented. Live webcast: 2011123 1:11:26 webから

147. The band is continuing to play as each member of the High Council approaches the stage to salute the General. Webcast: 2011123 1:06:59 webから

148. The Chief of the Staff and Commissioner Sue Swanson enter, before other members of the 2011 High Council. Live webcast: 2011123 1:05:15 webから

149. The General has welcomed the congregation 'in the strong name of Jesus Christ'. Live webcast: 2011123 1:00:07 webから

150. The congregation is standing to welcome General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen Clifton. Live webcast: 2011123 0:58:44 webから

151. Preliminary music is being played by the International Staff Band and the Songsters of Bromley and Enfield corps. Live 2011123 0:48:31 webから

152. Our webcast of the Welcome to the High Council and Retirement Salute to General Shaw Clifton is now live: 2011123 0:46:38 webから

153. Our live webcast begins in a little over an hour. Watch our Welcome to the High Council and Retirement Salute online at 2011122 23:44:36 webから

154. @caldjr Any member can be nominated. If President or VP are nominated they have to stand down from their role: a new President/VP is elected 2011122 20:13:25 webから caldjr

155. @CFL_Fanatic The process takes time; the announcement will be streamed live with as much notice as possible given. It will be some days away 2011122 20:11:33 webから CFL_Fanatic

156. ferdinandvdv Wie wordt onze nieuwe Leger des Heils generaal? Volg het live op de High Council; zaterdag 15:00 @HighCouncil2011 2011122 6:11:29 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

157. clmcgown is praying for @HighCouncil2011 and the future of the #SalvationArmy. 2011122 10:28:23 webから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

158. If you are unable to watch the webcast live, a recording will be available shortly after the event at the same address: 2011122 17:20:51 webから

159. LIVE webcast @ 1600 GMT: Welcome to the High Council and Retirement Salute to General Shaw Clifton & Commissioner Helen 2011122 17:17:16 webから

160. StuartRivers High Council convenes today to elect 19th General of The Salvation Army. #Pray that God's will is done! 2011121 18:34:03 ÜberTwitterから Hampshire, England  から HighCouncil2011がリツイート

161. SwissRedshield Le 17ème High Council a débuté aujourd'hui. Suivez les dernières informations sur l'élection du nouveau Général. 7:55 PM Jan 21st Facebookから HighCouncil2011がリツイート

162. SalArmyTX Be in prayer for the High Council as it meets to select the 19th General of The Salvation Army. 2:15 AM Jan 22nd HootSuiteから HighCouncil2011と1人がリツイート

163. News update: The President for 17th High Council of The Salvation Army is Elected. See for details. 3:55 AM Jan 22nd webから

164. LIVE webcast tomorrow: Welcome to the High Council and Retirement Salute to General Shaw Clifton & Commissioner Helen - 7:36 PM Jan 21st webから

165. The 17th High Council convenes today to elect the 19th General of The Salvation Army. Register for email updates at 7:28 PM Jan 21st webから

166. The 17th High Council convenes tomorrow to elect the 19th General of The Salvation Army: 6:53 PM Jan 20th webから

167. The 17th High Council convenes on Friday 21 January at Sunbury Court UK to elect the 19th General of The Salvation Army: 6:10 PM Jan 7th webから



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